Happy Hump Day!!!

I promised a sneak peek into Maya and Bri’s world, so here is a little taste of angels and demons for you!  Have a great Wednesday!!!  

“See.  I told you.” Bri nudged Maya’s arm with his elbow.  Maya couldn’t help tensing up and feeling disappointed in her species.  She had hoped that some of the demons, at least the ones that flowed in her veins, were not all evil.  Looking around the club, she checked to see if anyone else was noticing what was happening to the man in booth.

“I can’t do this Bri.” She glanced around nervously before turning her attention to Bri.  He glanced in her direction, his one eyebrow raised.

“Why not?  She is a demon just like all the others.”  Maya inhaled deeply and swallowed a large lump in her throat at Bri’s question.

“She is a woman, a female.” She whispered hesitantly.  Secretly she wished Bri would understand being that he was an angel and pretty much holy in her eyes.

“What? You can’t kill a woman? Oh…wait.” He paused as a twinkle sparked in his eyes.  There was a slight grin tickling the corners of his mouth.

“Its not that you can’t kill her is it?”  Maya blushed and diverted her eyes back out to the dance floor.  He was enjoying this, her discomfort.  Maya’s list of dislikes for Bri was growing larger than her list of likes.

Lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday morning to you all!  Looking forward to a lazy Sunday with coffee, comfy pajamas, and a steaming hot cup of coffee.  My only dilemma is to decide if I want to curl up with a good book or break out the laptop and let Maya and Bri take control of my fingers again.  They are anxious to get their story out so most likely they possess me and take over.  Giggles.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!  Soon I will give a sneak peak into Maya and Bri’s world!!!



Where there are Sexy men, there are demons! and Angels too!

Demons are revealed with the slightest touch and shadowed angels protect the half-demon succubus that will send them all back to hell…YEP! getting some writing done! The muse is back! Found a way to write even with the 2-year old demon in the background! iTunes, earphones, and meditation tunes makes all the difference!