Happy Monday! Just a few more days…

until Christmas!  Has everyone gotten their shopping done?  For the most part, I have.  There is just a couple little small things I wanna get.

Its a cloudy rainy day here and I am feeling the writing itch.  Wasn’t able to get any done while out of town this past weekend.  It is so hard to find quiet time to focus on my characters that whisper in my head.

But Maya and Bri have literally been screaming at me over the weekend.  The only relief I will be able to find is to make time.  Cease all distractions and give the angels and demons some attention.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Stormy weather on a city street

The Best Amazon Review Ever. This Man Is Hilarious.

I had to share this!!!!  I almost pee’d my pants! Yea, I was laughing that hard!!!

Even though I was hysterically laughing at this poor guy suffering, I did feel sorry for him.

He should be a writer!!!!


The Best Amazon Review Ever. This Man Is Hilarious..