Do you devour books? I mean love to read?

REVIEWERS WANTED!  Looking for some passionate book lovers willing to soak up magical dimensions and live to tell of their journeys.

Wanna take a magical ride and follow the yellow brick road?

I am currently being flooded with book review requests and can’t possibly oblige all them all in a timely manner by myself.

Basically…I NEED HELP!  Reading is my number ONE passion with writing riding my tail in a close second.

Being a self-published author, I am well acquainted with the struggles and importance of reviews, I want to help other authors!

So, I am looking for a few that would want to read some amazing stories, discover new authors, all in exchange for an honest review to be posted on, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Interested?  Drop me an email!




My rant!!!

Something has been bugging me and irritating me and I just got to get it off my chest.  I hope you don’t mind.  Anyways, as a writer (published) I sent 3 of my books to a dear friend of mine.  I signed all the books because that friend had wanted me too.  I obliged because it made me feel giddy and excited.  

Well that friend received my books and they were so excited they took a picture and posted them on a facebook group that we both belong too!  I was so honored and thrilled.

Someone in the group immediately started bashing and saying they hoped the author signed it and was such a horrible thing to receive books from author without them being signed and how if that is the case then the author doesn’t really appreciate the reader or care.


First of all, why would you immediately start jumping into something that would stir up negative attitudes and vibes? 

Second, the person was receiving the books is a personal friend and even stated so in the post.  The friend never said anything that was hateful or leading to any kind of rant, just complete excitement.

Third,  even IF I DID NOT sign the books, it does mean that the person is not appreciated because, I paid for those books out of my own pocket.  I wanted my dear friend to have a copy of my work so I paid to have the paperbacks printed for my friend.

Am I missing something? Doesn’t that show my appreciation?

I believe there are alot of people out there, that are not aware of all the hardwork indie/self writers/authors put forth into their art.  We are not one of those authors that are lucky enough to receive a publishing/agent contract, we are not making millions of dollars, if we are lucky enough to receive a couple paperback copies at no cost – the rest we have to pay for ( at a discount of course).

Writing is not my money-maker, it is my passion.  I do it for myself and feel blessed when someone wants to buy and read what I bled out on paper.

Or maybe there are some people out there that just want to stir the big black cauldron…well, not maybe, for sure!

Ok, I feel so much better now.  Those pot stirrers will not get me down and destroy my happiness or my friendships!  

So on a positive note…I believe that instead of arguing, saying something back with people like this and giving them fuel for their fire, I should turn this around to something positive!!!!

So I am debating on offering that person an ebook or paperback.  What are your thoughts?  Or should I just ignore it all together and move on???

I would love to hear your opinions.


I am going to start reviewing books.  I already write reviews of books that I acquire on my own through Amazon, especially the freebies and indie authors, but I am going to start reviewing as requested.

This is a step I am taking that I decided to do after long thought and consideration.  It is not something I take lightly.  I know and realize how important it is for indie authors to obtain honest reviews, myself being in that community.

So therefore I want to give back to the writing community and put my services out there.

Indie authors: Contact me through with your request, synopsis/blurb, link of where to buy if available, and cover design.  I will respond to you as quickly as possible. I prefer kindle format but will except ibooks, nook, and pdf.

I will post my review on amazon, goodreads, and here on my blog.  Requests will be first come, first serve due to my timeframe.

I look forward to reading what you have created and dipping into your minds.

A Promise to myself and other Indie Authors.

I read a lot!!!!! Probably more than I write (gotta work on that) and I know how important and helpful it is to have them reviews out there for potential readers to see.  However reviews are very hard to come by especially for the Indie community.  Starting now I plan on writing an honest review for every book I read.  I will post those reviews here with the cover and hopefully a link to amazon where it can be purchased.  Stay tuned…more to come!book-reviews