Do you devour books? I mean love to read?

REVIEWERS WANTED!  Looking for some passionate book lovers willing to soak up magical dimensions and live to tell of their journeys.

Wanna take a magical ride and follow the yellow brick road?

I am currently being flooded with book review requests and can’t possibly oblige all them all in a timely manner by myself.

Basically…I NEED HELP!  Reading is my number ONE passion with writing riding my tail in a close second.

Being a self-published author, I am well acquainted with the struggles and importance of reviews, I want to help other authors!

So, I am looking for a few that would want to read some amazing stories, discover new authors, all in exchange for an honest review to be posted on, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Interested?  Drop me an email!




Want something for FREE?! Today is the day!

Don’t miss out on January 15 when “Michelangelo – Spirit Walkers” will be available for free on Kindle!




Congratulations to the GoodReads winners!  You will be receiving your signed copies of Michelangelo – Spirit Walkers within the couple weeks.  Thank you for entering the contest and I hope you enjoy Michelangelo’s story.  If you would like to leave a review please visit and/or!!!!!


A Promise to myself and other Indie Authors.

I read a lot!!!!! Probably more than I write (gotta work on that) and I know how important and helpful it is to have them reviews out there for potential readers to see.  However reviews are very hard to come by especially for the Indie community.  Starting now I plan on writing an honest review for every book I read.  I will post those reviews here with the cover and hopefully a link to amazon where it can be purchased.  Stay tuned…more to come!book-reviews