What is your COMFORT, your ADDICTION?

What books or books out there would you admit to being your addiction? Your comfort read? Something so special to you that you would read over and over? And when you read it again, its like reading it for the first time! Like watching your favorite movie repeatedly, do you discover something different every time?

Tell me about the books that are so close to your heart. I will tell you about mine!

About 5 years ago (give or take) I was introduced to the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” Series by J.R. Ward. I was hooked and this was before I had a kindle or reading device, so the books were borrowed from a friend.

Recently after years of using devices to read, another online friend made a comment that she was reading the series for the 3rd time and she was talking about the great things happening in the story.

My heart sparked and my stomach did a little flip! I started craving the series. Not only that but I slightly became jealous that I couldn’t re-read the books too!! (paperbacks were long gone)

Then I thought, “Duh!”!!! Why can’t you re-read them? *Smacks forehead*

I went and bought the first book in the series on my iPad kindle app. I believe I soaked it up in just a few days.

The amazing thing to me, was that even though I remembered bits and pieces, it was like I was reading it for the first time! I discovered new details and new feelings about all the characters.

Now I have just started Book# 7 (I think) “Lover Avenged”!!!!!

I have discovered that I have not read this story…I don’t have any memory or recall any bits and pieces. So this must be about the time I no longer borrowed anymore books.

HOW WONDERFUL! The series is continuing on and I can still soak up my favorite characters and discover new ones!!!

***But I want to hear about that special book or series for you!!!***