FEAR and DESPERATION can be so powerful!!

I wanted to share this little bit that popped into my head early this morning while I was trying so hard to ignore the cries of the cat and dog, to catch a few more ZZZ’s.  I could ignore the animals but I could not ignore these voices in my head.

Please tell me what you think, give me your opinion.  Should I listen to the voices and tell their story?


She tried to leave her abusive husband while he was at work but his employer fired him for intoxication and he came home early.
Her husband nearly beat her to death before the neighbors heard her screams and called the police.
Lying in a hospital bed on the verge of death, her soul broken along with her bones, something deep within her is awakened and cries out like a silent beacon.

He hears the cries of desperation and pain. They pull and tug at him so strongly his wolf gives him no choice but to follow.
When his wolf leads him to a hospital hundreds of miles away, he finds the source of power that calls to his wolf like a magnet.
Before his human mind and logic could register and analyze how there, lying in a hospital bed, beaten and broken, was another like him when he was sure he was a last of his species, his wolf came forward strong and dominant.


Good morning!

Happy Sunday Morning!  Hope you all are getting to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a good book.  There is nothing more wonderful then being curled up on the couch with the warm taste of java and a gateway to another world!  Other than being lazy today, I hope to do nothing other than reading and writing!  Have a GREAT day!


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Interesting thoughts to ponder…

Some suggestions were laid out before me today.  Ideas that some I have already been thinking and others that I never really thought twice about.  All of these were suggested to me by someone close that I would have never guessed in a million years would even suggest to me.  Shocking but also very sweet and interesting.  Thanks Bro!

Now my passionate itch to write is ignited again even though lately I have not had the time with this crazy busy schedule of life.  I have realized though that I have to make time to express my passion or I become overflowing with imagination and feel drained.

I am going to make the time for myself.  My life belongs to me and I have got to quit giving it to others.

So on that note…I am jumping back in and going to turn that faucet back and let the water flow regardless of the distractions all around me.  I have to.  I am not living if I don’t.

As soon as I can will start obtaining the materials needed to start some real submissions, marketing, and promotions.  And possibly now looking into or rather researching some screen-writing.

The other spark has excited me a tiny bit in the regards of a future possible memoir that is not my usual genre of expression but one I think will be fun, sad, and liberating.

The possibilities are endless and I look forward to what the future may hold in store!

Happy Saturday evening!



8 Writers Who Rock The Language – BOOK RIOT

The flow of words that come from these authors is soothing and smooth.  It coats you with a fine soft blanket, making you feel warm inside.

This is my goal, my desire, and my dream! To be able to write like they do!!!

Happy Sunday!


8 Writers Who Rock The Language – BOOK RIOT.

Rainy Sunday

Woke up early on this rainy day, my head filled with thoughts of everyone else that I care about and the troubles they are facing.  Everyone is facing so much stress, drama, and even pain.

Their pain adds to my own and the only thing that brings me peace, is the freedom to write.  To sit on my patio in the quiet rain with a steaming cup of coffee where my thoughts can calm down and flow through my fingertips.

I need this everyday.  I want this everyday.  It’s the only way I can make it through the day.

Yes, its my passion and I write for ME.  Don’t get me wrong, I dream of writing for the world, but if I never get to that level, it is alright, because I write for me.

So, I was able to get some writing done yesterday on my current WIP and the muse opened the dam!  It felt so good and made me feel so alive!

I am hoping to get that feeling again this morning!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday even though it is a rainy one!



Friday, September 12, 2014

Well, today is Friday and my week off of work is almost over.  Jaelynn has been in the world now for 4 days.  My emotions and feelings are all over the place and I still have to keep it together for their sake.  I can’t break down, can’t allow myself to fall apart.  Holding everything together is making me into a boiling pot of water and I am about to spill over.

There is a stronge desire to run away, escape, or leave.  Go somewhere quiet and peaceful.  A place where I can breathe.  No more suffocation.  No more worry.  No more stress and drama.  A quiet and safe haven to allow my muse take over, transporting me into another realm, far far away from reality.

But I don’t run away.  I don’t let my muse kidnap me.  I stay, chained to the wall of responsibility and duty.  Forced to endure the torment and torture that worry, stress, and depression inflict upon me repeatedly.

I wonder how this can be living?  Is it worth it to live if life is not happy.  You always hear lay your own pavement to happiness, and I really want to do that.  But I am not allowed to do that.

If I make my own happiness, it will also brand me selfish, unresponsible, and a horrible soul.

So I ask again, what is the point?