Its been a long time since I have been here…but I am being pulled back spiritually and physically.

Finding my path again has helped me to align my spiritual with my goals and dreams.

I am back on the writing path and looking forward to dipping back into my reading and writing.

So there will be a daily post, whether its chit-chat about books, reviews, or just my ramblings.

Will soon be adding sections for herbs, oils and other surprises.

It is time to exercise my creative juices and get them flowing again.

Until next time…

Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler


Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler instantly snagged me into the storyline on the first page, well really the first sentence.

Ms. Tyler’s descriptions and character development are unique and exciting. She uses a great skill of giving birth to characters and a story that will drop you into a fantasy world where we have guardian angels watching over and protecting us.

There is a something or someone after Cynthia and her troubles begin when a strange package is delivered to her office. Her world changes yet again when her dream lover becomes reality and is determined to protect her from the force after her.

Her path drops another twisting turn when her reality changes from a fantasy guardian destined to protect her to a semi rewind where a police officer wants to question her about the strange package.

This is definitely the best novella I have ever read and I am chomping at the bits because I can’t turn the page to begin chapter one of a full novel. Looking forward to reading the rest of Cynthia’s story and find out more.

I give Dream Hunter a Four-Star and encourage to not believe all the negative reviews. My gut instinct tells me this was just a sip, a taste of something more intriguing to come.

Teenage romance blossoms through Lost Legends


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Rylie, a typical teenager distraught about her parents divorce and rebellious against their decision to protect her from the evil of the process, is forced to attend a summer camp.

Shy and timid, she hides in the pages of her journal where she feels protected in a cocoon away from the mean girls who care more about fashion and bullying.


Safe that it is until she is attacked in the woods by an enstranged wild animal and her memory lost of the attack or how she made it back to the camp safely.

Meeting Seth a boy supposedly from the other camp that is forbidden, Rylie soon learns that she only has three months to keep from changing into the evil creature that has changed her life forever.

After the death of her father, will her love for Seth and for being human be enough reason for her to fight the change? Or will she sacrifice herself to save the campers and the boy she loves?

S. M. Reine creates a unique love story that blossoms from the horrific truth of an ancient legend. She keeps you on the edge of your seat and glued to what the characters will do next.

Its hard to find a story that captivates me long enough to finish reading it in a couple of days. I love this first novel in the Seasons of the Moon series and l am looking forward to reading the next chapter in Rylie’s story.

FEAR and DESPERATION can be so powerful!!

I wanted to share this little bit that popped into my head early this morning while I was trying so hard to ignore the cries of the cat and dog, to catch a few more ZZZ’s.  I could ignore the animals but I could not ignore these voices in my head.

Please tell me what you think, give me your opinion.  Should I listen to the voices and tell their story?


She tried to leave her abusive husband while he was at work but his employer fired him for intoxication and he came home early.
Her husband nearly beat her to death before the neighbors heard her screams and called the police.
Lying in a hospital bed on the verge of death, her soul broken along with her bones, something deep within her is awakened and cries out like a silent beacon.

He hears the cries of desperation and pain. They pull and tug at him so strongly his wolf gives him no choice but to follow.
When his wolf leads him to a hospital hundreds of miles away, he finds the source of power that calls to his wolf like a magnet.
Before his human mind and logic could register and analyze how there, lying in a hospital bed, beaten and broken, was another like him when he was sure he was a last of his species, his wolf came forward strong and dominant.


A new BEGINNING and a new Birth!



Whack! The paddle smacked her across her ass leaving a red streak across both cheeks. She squirmed in her restraints as her moan was muffled behind the ball gag. Darwyn strode away from Kit and moved over to Tamara. Kit and Tamara were beside each other shackled at the ankles and wrists, bent over a padded saw-horse. Chase and Darwyn stood behind them holding a paddle and a whip. Kit turned and looked at Tamara, a smile crinkling at the corner of her eyes. Tamara crinkled her eyes in return.

“You girls have been naughty and you deserve to be punished.” Chase growled as he whacked both the girls with the leather whip. Darwyn walked around to the front of the girls and with both hands jerked their heads up by their hair. Both the women looked up at Kit’s master.

“Are you ready to behave now and do what you are told?” Darwyn demanded. They both nodded in agreement but there was no fear in their eyes, only lust. Darwyn gently let go of their hair and began to walk back around to where Chase stood. Chase stood behind the women staring at Kit’s dragon tattoo on her lower back. He stood transfixed to its delicate design. There was a red dragon in the center and just above her ass crack with black tribal markings spreading out to the left and right, almost covering the entire width of her back. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from it. He faintly picked up a bluish outline to the dragon that glowed. As he watched the glow emanating from Kit’s tattoo he began to smell an aroma of the sweetest honey. His loins began to tighten and ache from the aroma.

Darwyn stood next to Chase and bumped his elbow. He looked up at Darwyn as he tried to focus. Darwyn shrugged his shoulders and mouthed the words quietly, what’s wrong? Chase shook his head no and turned back to Kit’s tattoo that was no longer glowing. The smell was gone too and his loins began to calm down and no longer ached.

He tightened his grip on the leather whip and decided to give the women another good whack to help clear his mind. Darwyn stood back and grinned. The women moaned again louder and this time the men unshackled them from their bindings.