WELCOME! To Paranormal Romance Writings and Reviews.  Come on in and sit by the fire, while I warm you a cup of tea.  Don’t mind the book and blanket in the seat, its there for you.  Ease your mind and your soul as you travel to another realm full of magic and adventure.


There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than getting comfortable with a good book, leaving behind reality and all your troubles.  Vacations of the mind reenergize our souls and our hearts.

My biggest passion is reading and taking those vacations.  That passion gave birth to a new passion for writing.  Being a self-published author, I have experienced and still do, the bumps in the road bringing the worlds you create to the eyes and bewilderment of others.

It is extremely hard finding others to help you with reviews and constructive criticism. Desperation grabs hold of you and will pull you towards the pirates of the literary path, charming you with lies and promises for a price.  BEWARE!  False positives create more damaging negativity.

Because of this experience, another passion has been born.  The passion for helping others like me and providing that honest feedback.

My favorite genres are Fantasy, Paranormal, some Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy, and much more.

If you are interested in an honest and fair review, you have come to the right place.  I will post those reviews to my blog here, Amazon, my Facebook Author page, Goodreads, and any other venue you choose.

Wanna continue? Please see Review Submission Guidelines.  Looking forward to reading your stories.