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What would you do if one day you woke up from a really nasty dream to find yourself in the body of a cat?

That’s exactly what happened to me. My name is Michael, well now its Michelangelo and I am a cat. Yea, you heard me right.

Apparently a dark spirit or an agent for Death tried to steal my soul before my number was up. I was able to fight hard enough to jump back into a body, into the realm of the living but I landed in a feline.

Now I must convince my daughter and niece that it is me and persuade them to help me fight off the zombie attacks from this dark spirit before my time runs out.
Time that is hanging around my neck in the form of an amulet.

When a gypsy witch and her cousin cross our path, secrets are revealed and the sacrifices I must make to win this battle for my soul.

Who would have thought that Death was an entity and would end up saving me.

Wasn’t the life of a cat supposed to be lazy?




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Growing up outside of Stellamaris, a small village spellbound and controlled by a demon blood goddess, Amirae is traumatized and left an orphan by her mother’s gruesome death. Blood, sacrifices, and rumors of an eighteen-year-old boy trained in the dark arts of magic and the worship of Pirila, haunt her dreams at night. Her path crosses with a wandering elf, banished from his homeland, which becomes her only friend and companion. Desperate and determined to free Stellamaris from the clutches of evil, they venture forward to seek help from the priestesses of the Lady Moon in Arwen Ithil. Amirae discovers her dormant power of the moon and the prophecy of her destined fate to save the village from Pirila’s deathly grasp. Will they succeed in time?



The Bzou Curse

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Thelcradia, once a joyish and thriving kingdom, has now succumbed to darkness and despair. Dark magic and the curse of a werewolf envelope Thorus, the King’s twin brother, while at the same time affecting an innocent village girl, Riahder.
A betrayed and rightful King, Thorus is thrust into darkness. An innocent girl, Riahder, is just discovering her powers of white-magic. They are forced to journey on a dangerous quest in search of a rare item that can save the kingdom and themselves.
Will they succeed in their quest? Will a spark ignite between them or will Thorus succumb to the darkness he continues to battle?

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