Street of horror – the home of a serial killer

This article really caught my attention and feeling this real life person would make an awesome and gruesome character in a new fictional story. Of course I would add a paranormal twist to it! What are your thoughts?

laid-back places

joaquin costa calle

What you see on this picture seems to be a regular barcelonian street, however, it has a dark and horrifying history. It’s the street of Enriqueta Martí’s former residence. Enriqueta (also called the Vampiress of Barcelona) lived in Barcelona during the late 18th and early 19th Century. Her address: Carrer Ponent 29 (today the street name is Carrer Joaquin Costa).

Little is known of Enriqueta’s live before she came to Barcelona. Once in Barcelona she found lodging and employment in the homes of the aristocracy. She worked as a maidservant and nanny. She was a very quick learner. She took her chance and learned from Barcelona’s elite while serving them. She was looking for ways to provide services to members of the privileged class who had everything that she wanted and so she might suckle at their riches.

joaquin costa amiral

Martí’s first undertaking was prostitution. Since she had no material belongings, her body…

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