Do you know your source?

I know mine.  The common sense or simple thought is to change that source.  I am realizing now to just simply change that source of unhappiness is “easier said, than done”.  I know what “to do” in order to change the situation but other circumstances force me to suffer continuously making it nearly impossible.  That in itself adds another layer onto the unhappiness onion.  If I were alone without other responsibilities and others to provide for, then I would just throw that entire rotting onion away.  The rot only clings to me though, everyday telling me “but look at what we have!”  We have an onion with rotting patches while I waste away.  What I wouldn’t give to throw the whole onion away.  As it is quoted in the picture, knowing the source is NOT the greatest happiness but only weighs heavily on top of the unhappiness.Fyodor-Dostoevsky-happiness-quotes

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